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Set me aflame and cast me free. Away, you wretched world of tethers.
Through the endless night and day I have never wanted more.
Always thought that I would stand before the faceless name of justice.
Like some law unto myself, like a child of God again.

And if rain brings winds of change let it rain on us forever.
I have no doubt from what I've seen that I have never wanted more.
With this line I'll mark the past as a symbol of beginning.
I have no doubt from what I've seen that I have never wanted more.

In this picture stands a man, far away, alone and distant.
Like a solitary field in some nameless foreign land.
All around the points of light start to dim and cease transmitting.
Shadows fell on futile games and then there was nothing more.

Through the screams of falling steel. By the light of flares and wisdom.
All the doubts I could not face. All this time I wanted more.
With a line I'll mark the past as a symbol of beginning.
To the gods whose names we've lost and the names who gave in vain.

Sever the line to the guilty past, to the ones who brought us nothing
Spoke of futures brave and proud and brought only hate and war.
Lined the roads with hollow praise. Marked the land with paper statues.
Shadows fell on their futile ways and then there was nothing more.
(the original version appears on the album "Praise the Fallen")


from Resonance (88khz​/​24bit version), released May 15, 2015
Music and lyrics by Ronan Harris
Arrangement by Conrad Oleak

Produced by Ronan Harris
Mixed at Tonscheune by Reiner Oleak
Recorded in Hamburg, Potsdam and Berlin during February '15
Mastered by Jochen Mader at
Published by Budde Musikverlag GmbH


all rights reserved



VNV Nation Hamburg, Germany

VNV Nation is a European based alternative electronic project led by Ronan Harris.

The music blends thought provoking lyrics with melodic dance beats, indie-electronic anthems, haunting ballads and post-classical pieces.

Live shows are legendary for the energy and positive emotion.

The last 3 albums charted top 10 in Germany, as well as top 5 Billboard Chart positions in the US.
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